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How to move immediately

There can be many reasons why you may have to move immediately. Do you know how to move both quickly and immediately?

As anyone who has moved knows, packing up can be stressful even when you have months to plan your move. What happens though when you are forced to move within days?

Job loss, sudden eviction, bush fire, illness are just a few reasons this may happen.

Grab your suit cases

In your suit cases you should pack your most used and needed items.

  • A weeks worth of clothes

  • Toiletries and medications

  • Snacks and a drink bottle

Call a moving company

If you do have the budget call a local removals company as they may have the availability to help you out. They will be able to grab your large items easily or grab everything and put it into storage for you until you are a little more organised and know where you are going to be moving to.

Call your friends

If times are tough enlist anyone you know to come and help. They may even be able to help with a couch for a few nights. Or they may be able to store some of your items while you get settled again.

The packing

  • Do one room at a time

  • Start with a difficult room first like the kitchen

  • Label all your boxes clearly

  • Be ruthless with decluttering as you pack (donate & trash)

  • You may need to use bags rather than boxes for a fast move. Thick garbage bags can be perfect for this, but make sure you can label them so your items don't get mixed up with the trash.

  • Take photos before you disassemble items so you can put them back together

  • If you can't afford a removal company, rent a ute or truck or ask a friend with a ute to help

The team at John Bull hope that these tips help you move quickly. Make sure to give us a call 9999 1000 to see if we can help with your next move.


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