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Decluttering the KonMari Way

Are you familiar with the Japanese decluttering and best selling author Marie Kondo?

If you have read her book or watched the Netflix series you will know about the perfectly folded clothes and only keeping belongings that make you feel joy.

Her advice when decluttering is to hold each item you own in your hands and ask “does this spark joy?”. When the answer is no you are to thank the item for its service and donate the item or pass it onto someone who will have the joy of this item.

Marie recommends thanking your clothes for their service (i.e. thank your jacket for keeping you warm today), and really look after your clothes so that they will love you back for the appreciation.

When it comes to decluttering, if you are having trouble parting with a piece of clothing because you spent a lot of money on it (yet it’s not quite the right fit), then you can part with the item by thanking it for its service. Even though it was never worn, it taught you not to buy clothes that don’t fit perfectly, therefore, it has still given you a lot of value.

Your future clothes are now items that you truly love to wear and you will always have something to wear.

Marie has a method of folding items that allows you to see every item in your drawer with ease. Not everything has to be hung on hangers, ask yourself if the item would be happier hung up rather than folded. You may be surprised to find that you are now only hanging large coats, business shirts and dresses.

T-shirts can be folded as simply as:

  • Place item upright on a flat surface

  • Divide item into three

  • Fold one side in and tuck in sleeve

  • Repeat on another side

  • Fold body in half

  • Now fold into thirds

  • Stand vertically for storage

Her method is about joy and not about minimalism. For example, if when you get home and remove your jacket, you know that it has a home within your home. This reduces decisions and allows you to make fewer decisions and spend time on the things you love.

Are you ready for the KonMari way?

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