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John Bull removalists offer a fantastic pre-packing and unpacking service which will make your moving experience a lot easier and stress free.

Pre-Packing Service

We have an army of professional packers that can prepare your home and pack to any level of help you need, they work very quickly and efficiently so much so that you will be amazed.


We can provide just one packing team member to help you to pack your breakables up to five of our professional pre-packing team to pack up a large family home on your behalf, it’s entirely up to you!


Did you know that it takes about two weeks for the average person to pack up a family home, our professional packers do it in one day!! Imagine all the stress late nights and yelling at kids and partners to help - WE are here to help!


Each box packed is clearly labelled so the removalists know where to put it in your new home, therefore it will all make sense and be in the right place when you go to unpack it.


Once you have been packing boxes for a week you start to get a bit tired and complacent about what goes into what box, our team never tires!

  • Because the packing has been done for you, you can concentrate on your new home which of course is a lot more fun.

  • Having a professional pack done for you will make your move a lot easier and quicker.


We charge our Pre-packing at an hourly rate which is less than you probably think (can you put a price on your sanity?). Give our team a call  02-9999-1000 for a competitive quote today.


Benefits of using a Pre-Packing Service

Save time and reduce the stress and effort of your move– Our professional pre-packing team will work quickly and efficiently to get everything packed in a timely manner before your John Bull removalists arrive.


Focus on the important things – With the packing and organising looked after, you have time to focus on other priorities like family and work (unfortunately normal life does not stop when you are moving house!)


An organised move is a quicker, better move – If you are packed and ready to go when your John Bull removalists arrive the move will run more efficiently


Help for as long as you need– Our professional packing teamwork at an extremely reasonable hourly rate.


Unpacking Service

Hit the ground running when you get to your new home with our Unpacking Service. Not only can we have your house packed before you move but we can also assist you in unpacking once you get to the other end, allowing you to relax into your new home immediately.



We offer two levels of service when it comes to unpacking:
  1. Assist unpack– our team will assist you in unpacking for a set amount of hours, concentrating on high priority areas such as kitchens and children’s bedrooms

  2. Full unpack– Every carton is unpacked and ALL of your belongings are put away.



Services that we provide:
  • Wipe cupboards, shelves and benchtops clean

  • Set up kitchen-glasses, crockery, cutlery, appliances and pantry

  • Make beds and organise bedrooms

  • Unpack, fold and hang clothes in wardrobes

  • Set up bathrooms, fold and colour coordinate linen and towels

  • Set up living areas, place special items on display

  • Arrange books, CD’s and DVD’s onto shelves

  • Set up and organise children's rooms

  • Unpack and organise home offices

  • Leave a beautiful bunch of flowers with our compliments



Call today to speak to our knowledgeable staff to find out how our pre-packing or unpacking service can work for you.

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