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What is full service storage?

Do you need a storage solution?

Will it be long term or short term?

Do you have a lot of items or just a few?

Are you struggling to decide what storage solution is going to work for you? John Bull can help.

There are several options to choose from but the main two are:

  • Full service storage

  • Self storage

At John Bull we offer you full service storage from our warehouse in Mona Vale. Plus you can have access when you need it - it can be the best of both worlds.

Full service storage

What this means is that we bring the modules to your home in our specially designed truck. Your possessions are professionally wrapped and packed directly into the modules. When we return to our warehouse, instead of having to handle all your furniture again, we simply use a forklift to lift the modules off the truck and put them away inside our secured warehouse.

Self Storage

As the name suggests you pack, move and place all your items into storage yourself. It may or may not be in a secure facility.

Benefits of full service storage

  • We do the work for you

  • All your items are wrapped and packed securely

  • Your items are stored in plywood containers to allow for airflow

  • Our warehouse is cool on a hot day and comfortable on a cold day

  • Our warehouse has a back to base alarm system

  • You can still access your storage container if you need to

  • It can be short term or long term

Do you still have questions about storage?

Contact the team at John Bull Removal and Storage - we have the experience you need.


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