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Things to consider when moving interstate

Are you considering moving interstate?

Does the idea seem daunting?

While moving can be stressful it doesn't have to be. Yes, interstate moves can feel so much more stressful but we are here to help.

Utilising experts can make all the difference.

Air, road or rail

Depending on your situation there are three main options for the move. It comes down to costs, how much stuff you have and how fast you need to relocate. Road and rail are by far the most common in Australia.

Professional Packers & Unpackers

Once you experience using packers and unpackers you will never go back. The total peace of mind it produces along with proving you more time for other tasks is ideal. Yes there is a cost associated but given the time that you are saving it is completely worth the cost.

Costs to move interstate

Naturally this is a variable figure, and there are many factors to consider.

  • How far are you moving

  • Are you moving to a rural area

  • Are you moving just yourself or a whole family

  • Large home or small

  • Staying on the East Coast or heading to the West Coast

Extras to organise

Schools - Both the school your kids are leaving and the new school will have protocols

Pets - You may need to check if your pet is allowed into the state you are moving to. Will you need to arrange travel or boarding options for your pets?

Mail - Arrange a redirection of all your mail and parcels

Voting - Contact the electoral roll and update your details

Car registration - Your new state will require a change of registration, make sure you know the requirements.

Medicare and Health Insurance - Advise these providers of your new address.

Utilities - You may be able to transfer your electricity, gas, internet and more to your new property.

Note: Specific rules relating to moving household goods over state borders is Western Australia, which requires a quarantine declaration.


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