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The John Bull Box Shop

In planning your move, boxes are going to be essential. At John Bull we have a full range of boxes, tape, bubble wrap and more to help you with your move. We can also pack and unpack for you if this is a service you are looking for.

Tips for packing boxes

  1. Use strong boxes

  2. Choose the right sized boxes

  3. Tape the boxes with the right tape to ensure strength

  4. Put heavy items to the bottom of the boxes and light ones to the top

  5. Spread your heavy items across several boxes rather than trying to put them all in one box

  6. Don't leave empty space in boxes, fill with linen or clothes

  7. Try to pack and label your boxes room by room for ease of unpacking at your destination

  8. Describe your contents and rate the box so that 5 stars is a priority to unpack and 1 star can wait a little longer

  9. Tape your boxes closed - note that tape is perfect for writing what is in the box

  10. If you have something unusual, ask us about our crating options for art and other items that are tricky to move

  11. Ask about wardrobe boxes for your hanging items

  12. Save time and energy and ask us about our packing and unpacking services.

Our packing and unpacking services

We can provide just one packing team member to help you to pack your breakables up to five of our professional pre-packing team to pack up a large family home on your behalf, it’s entirely up to you!

Did you know that it takes about two weeks for the average person to pack up a family home, our professional packers do it in one day!! Imagine all the stress late nights and yelling at kids and partners to help - WE are here to help!

We charge our Pre-packing at an hourly rate which is less than you probably think (can you put a price on your sanity?). Give our team a call 02-9999-1000 for a competitive quote today.


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