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Selling your house? Use our storage!

Here are some tips and ideas for selling your house.

If you have ever sold your home before you know that you need to prepare it for sale. As part of that preparation for sale you may need to remove items from your home or remove everything to sell.

However, if you are considering to sell you will discuss with your selling agent how the house or apartment will be prepared for sale. Sometimes everything is removed and and your property is staged with furniture from a professional house staging company.

Presenting your home

When you are selling your home you want the potential buyers to be able to imagine themselves living in your property. It is this connection with your home that can drive competition as more people can envision themselves living in your property.

You need to:

  • Clear the clutter

  • Remove all personal items that make your home yours

  • Only keep furniture that will maximise the space available

  • Remove bench-top appliances

  • Ensure that only a vase of flowers or bowl of fruit is on display

  • In your bathroom you want luxury towels and luxury hand wash visible

Everything that isn't needed has to disappear from your home!

What do you do with everything

At John Bull Removals we can keep your items in storage, ready for your move.

  1. You can store all the additional personal items, clutter and excess furniture

  2. You can store your entire home and have it professionally styled with furniture from a styling company.

There are a number of advantages of using the John Bull Storage System:

Our Northern Beaches storage facility utilises a modular storage system, specifically designed for the quality storage of household furniture and effects. The modular system consists of specially constructed storage modules into which we load all your valuable household goods. Your possessions remain undisturbed in those modules for the duration of the storage.

  • Plywood modules keep your valuable possessions clean, dry and protected.

  • We bring the modules to your home in our specially designed truck. Your possessions are professionally wrapped and packed directly into the modules. When we return to our warehouse, instead of having to handle all your furniture again, we simply use a forklift to lift the modules off the truck and put them away inside our secured warehouse.

  • The modular system eliminates unnecessary double-handling, and when you reduce the handling, you reduce the risk of damage associated with carrying furniture.

Do you need storage for your next move? Contact the team at John Bull Removals and Storage.


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