The team at John Bull would like to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Christmas and New Year.

    Christmas Traditions

    The Christmas gift list,

    We all agree,

    Requires a massive

    Shopping spree.

    Wrap it up,

    Shiny paper and bows.

    What’s inside

    We won’t disclose!

    Then the tree,

    Fragrant and green.

    Each year it's the best

    We've ever seen.

    Hang the bulbs

    Ornaments too.

    Light it up,

    Say” ahh,” and “ooh!”

    Plan the feast,

    Same recipes,

    All our favourites,

    Prepared to please.

    Christmas customs

    On joyful display.

    It's always the same;

    We love it that way.

    So bring it all,

    So necessary,

    Beloved traditions

    Make Christmas merry.

    By Joanna Fuchs