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Planning a sea change or tree change in the new year?

While many of us had no choice but to work from home in recent years it seems that the flexible working environment is here to stay.

With many companies allowing more and more of their workplace to be remote it has made it easier for people to not have to live close to their work. There are jobs that are only requiring their employees to go in one a week or one a month and some not at all.

All this flexibility means people are able to leave the major cities and can still hold onto their well paid jobs. The long daily commute is now removed and an work/life balance seems far more achievable. Just adding the long commute time back to your family time makes all the difference.

Is it the wide open space of a tree change or the ocean breeze of a sea change calling your name?

  • Cleaner living

  • Cheaper housing

  • A natural environment

  • Exciting work opportunities

  • New friendships

  • A relaxed lifestyle

  • A greater sense of community

  • Lower living costs

  • A change of pace

  • Investment opportunities

Whatever the reason the team at John Bull can help you to move.

Are you:

  • Parents wanting open spaces to raise your children

  • Singles looking for new challenges

  • Couples wanting to create a new life together

  • Mid-life career changers fed up with the demands of the city

  • Business owners wanting a new business adventure

  • Entrepreneurs looking for freedom to explore, travel and work from anywhere

  • Social and looking to embed yourself in a small and caring community

If you are moving in NSW or interstate the team at John Bull can pack and unpack, arrange boxes and packing materials and help you every step of the way to your new life.


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