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Northern Beaches Box Shop

Moving boxes and more are available from our Northern Beaches warehouse.

If you are packing or someone is packing for you it is easier with the right boxes.

We can supply you with:

  • Boxes

  • Porta-robes

  • Tape

  • Paper to wrap

  • Mattress covers and more

Packing your boxes

Step 1: Invest in new, sturdy moving boxes - it is your valuable items being moved.

Step 2: Assemble the material required to pack your moving boxes securely with strong tape.

Step 3: Reinforce the base of your moving boxes by doubling up your tape.

Step 4: Create a soft, interior base in your moving boxes with paper or similar.

Step 5: Fill your moving boxes, placing the heaviest items at the bottom so they are easier to carry and transport.

Step 6: Never overfill moving boxes, someone has to carry them.

Step 7: Use bubble wrap and packing paper to fill excess space to prevent your items moving around.

Step 8: Secure your moving boxes at the top, using plenty of tape, you don't want them popping open.

Step 9: Clearly label your moving boxes so we know when to put them.

TIP: Ensure that you put heavy items like books into small boxes. Lighter items like doonas and pillows can go into large boxes.

If you need help for your next move, contact the team at John Bull removals and storage.

Ask about our packing and unpacking services

We can provide just one packing team member to help you to pack your breakables up to five of our professional pre-packing team to pack up a large family home on your behalf, it’s entirely up to you!

Did you know that it takes about two weeks for the average person to pack up a family home, our professional packers do it in one day!! Imagine all the stress late nights and yelling at kids and partners to help - WE are here to help!

We charge our Pre-packing at an hourly rate which is less than you probably think (can you put a price on your sanity?). Give our team a call 02-9999-1000 for a competitive quote today.


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