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Needing storage?

Have you been at home in isolation going room by room and tidying, cleaning and sorting to keep yourself busy during Covid-19?

If so, you may have a need to put some items into storage so that you have more space in your home. Why fill up the garage or spare room when you can put these items into storage!

Our storage units are modular and kept in a secure warehouse with a back to base security system. From just $30 per week you can't afford not to use storage. We can also provide you access to your storage with just 24 hours notice.

What can you store

Furniture - Unused or additional furniture can be safely stored in our plywood storage units. With plenty of airflow and no need to worry about anyone nesting in your couch, furniture is a perfect item to store.

Household items - Trophies, photo albums, kids artwork or toys, excess dinner sets and so much more can be stored until you want/need them again.

Appliances - Perhaps you have a spare fridge that you only use in summer. Maybe you have items like a spare washing machine or a spare microwave that you have been gifted but don't need today. Pop them into storage until you do.

Clothing - If you have a lot of clothing you can swap them out seasonally as you need. Perhaps you have a vintage collection or another family members items that you are looking after.

Books - There is not always enough room for the books we love or collections we have. A storage unit can keep your collection safe and sound.

Seasonal items - Do you have boxes of Christmas decorations that are taking up space all year round? Are you the person who decorates for every season? Popping these items in storage when you are not using them really save space.

Anything else - Just ask!

At John Bull Removals and Storage we can provide you with both short-term or long-term storage.

The team at John Bull hope that you have been safe and well during Covid-19.


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