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Moving out of Sydney

According to the Australian Bureau of statistics:

  • 104,100 people moved interstate in the three months to the end of March 2021.

  • 16,400 more people moved interstate compared with the March 2020 quarter.

  • Capital cities had a net loss of 11,800 people from internal migration, the largest quarterly net loss on record.

Are you considering moving away from Sydney?

While these numbers above were during Covid shutdowns many of us are still considering lifestyle changes and this involves leaving the major capital cities.

It can be very expensive to live in a major city like Sydney.

Buying or renting a house are costly and then you add a commute to work and long work days to afford this life. Do you really need the big Sydney home to be happy?

It is no wonder many of us have been reassessing the places where we wish to live and work.

Work/life balance

Along with more affordable living people are searching for a work/life balance. To leave behind the long commutes and spend more time doing the things we enjoy. Leaving the 12-14 hour work days for a better balanced life.

For some this will be a move North others will go South and some will head West. Tree change or sea change many of us are looking for a better option that being in the largest capital city in Australia.

Perhaps it is a move up the North coast within driving distance to Sydney. You can work from home and commute to Sydney once each month for meetings. Keeping your Sydney job and wages but living in a far more affordable location.

Now financially you are considerably better off.

Are you considering a move?

Moving can stressful but the thought of a better and often more affordable lifestyle can make the stress that much easier to live with.

Speak to the team at John Bull Removals for a quote on your move, plus we have checklists to make your move far less stressful.


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