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Moving out of home

The time has come and you have decided to move out of home. This may be the first time or you may have returned and are ready to move again. Either way it can be an emotional time for everyone concerned.

The excitement of moving out can bring up emotions for you and also for your parents. You need to deal with all your stuff and decide what is coming to your new life. This can be anything from sporting trophies to childhood toys and memories. Plus deciding what you are donating or throwing away. It is not just a matter of grabbing your clothes and leaving.

To create an independent life and new home you need to ensure that you do a few things, keep reading and make a plan for moving out of home.

1. Look after your own mental health

It is very easy to get caught up in the excitement of moving out of home and ignore any red flags as they appear. Simple things like creating a budget so that you live within your means can make all the difference. Remember your parents are not going to be paying for your internet and electricity, let alone your food bills. Get to know your new neighbours too so that you have someone really close by if you need them. Just having a budget so you know you can afford to live can make all the difference toy our mental wellbeing.

2. Communicate

Let your parents know your plans and allow them to help you with the process if they can. Perhaps they can help out by hiring a removalist for you.

Tell them about how organised you are as this will help them feel more comfortable with you taking this leap into adulthood.

Parents, you don't have to be a storage facility for your kids things, create a plan with them about what you can save and what they need to take with them. Also let your child know what you can help with if they need you to and let them take charge of their move into the world.

3. Childhood items

You've decided to move out and perhaps you think you will just take your bed and clothes. Chances are that you have a whole lot more than just those items. Make a plan about what you are doing with all those other items. Trophies, toys, artwork other furniture and more all need to be dealt with and not just left. Plus there is going to be items to donate or dump, make sure you have a plan for this and don't just leave it to your parents.


It is an exiting time for everyone concerned and a new chapter for everyone. Simple things like thinking about your parents and making sound plans can make it easier for everyone.

The team at John Bull are here for small moves too and if you need to store some items for a while just let us know.


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