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Moving locally with a removals company

Do you need to move house locally?

Are you trying to decide if you should try to do it yourself or if you should employ a removals company?

Did you know that since 1960 our family owned business has been moving and treating peoples belongings with the upmost of care? We pride ourselves on being the most trusted local professionals in offering local and interstate removals.

Remember that moving locally doesn't make it any less stressful and many of the preparations reman the same, regardless of the distance you are moving.

DIY or removals company

Unless you are moving across the hallway of a unit block or to your next door neighbours house it is far less stressful to use a professional removals company.

With a removals company there is:

  • No heavy lifting

  • No need to hire a truck or trailer

  • Time saving

  • There is insurance for your items

  • Less chance of damage

  • They can supply all the boxes needed

  • There are services like packing and unpacking

  • They take care that your family and friends who you have roped in may not

  • You can take advantage of short or long term storage if you need to

Start the process ASAP

Just because you are moving locally it doesn't mean you should leave everything to the last minute. It is absolutely vital that you start the process of moving as soon as you make the decision.

  • If you are renting you need to advise of your move date

  • Confirm the dates with your employer in case you need time off

  • Get quotes from removals companies

  • Create an inventory of what you will be moving

  • Begin packing items you wont need

  • Start decluttering and selling or disposing of items you won't be taking with you

  • Plan the changes of services and utilities to the new address

  • Arrange for the forwarding of your post

  • Ask your chosen removals company for a checklist

Moving house doesn't have to be an absolute nightmare. You can ask for as much or as little help as you need to get the process done.

If you want to choose a local family owned business that has been moving people since 1960, contact the team at John Bull Removals.


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