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Moving house during COVID-19

Just as the entire world is in the middle of a pandemic you had planned or have to move house. As we all know moving house is never an easy exercise and it can be anxiety producing even without COVID-19.

While every state in Australia has its own level of lock down there are a number of 'reasonable excuses' reasons that you can be out of your home. Moving house is one of those and the industry as a whole has had to adapt.

Being a part of the Australian Furniture Movers Association we have been provided with measure to keep everyone as safe as possible. Including using this declaration.

Contactless moving

  • You can provide us access to your boxes and furniture from a safe distance

  • We can access it while you remain outside

  • You can put all your boxes and furniture outside for collection

  • You can provide us with a map for the delivery of your items

  • We can leave your delivered items outside for you to bring inside

  • Or we can come up with a solution that suits your specific needs

All our staff are trained in social distancing and keeping your move as safe as possible. Make sure that you are cautious about the moving company that you choose and ensure they are adhering to all the government guidelines regarding moving house. Sticking to the correct hygiene standards using the correct protective gear along with their training makes all the difference.

If you are needing to move internationally this may be better to postpone until lockdown measures and international travel restrictions are changed.

Are you are concerned about trying to move house during this time? We are here and ready to help with all your questions please contact the team at John Bull to discuss.


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