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Moving from a rental property

As we all know moving house can be stressful and moving from or to a rental property has its own challenges.

There are serval things you need to take into account when you are moving from a rental property to ensure that you don't end up with additional costs.

Your lease

It is vital that you have read your lease and confirmed:

  • The amount of notice you need to give

  • How you need to give that notice including confirmation

  • What cleaning or repairs will be required

  • The timing of the new lease potentially overlapping with the old so you are not homeless for a period of time


Book in certain things in when you know your dates, such as:

  • Lock in a removals company as soon as you can allowing time for cleaning once the property is empty

  • Begin packing and decluttering

  • Arrange any repairs that you need to so that your bond is not compromised

  • Book and end of lease cleaner or ensure that you will have time to do the clean yourself

  • Try using a moving checklist


Whether you are cleaning yourself or you are getting cleaners in, make sure to give the property a thorough clean, inside and out. Take photos of how clean and tidy the property is so that you have a documented time and date of how you left the property. Confirm when the inspect will take place so you can be present if possible.

If you are moving into a new rental it is a good idea to take photos there too. If there are any marks or damages you want proof that it was like that on day one and prior to you moving in.

PS: Booking our professional packers and unpackers can take some of the stress of moving away from you if you still need to work during the move.

John Bull Removal and storage can provide you with all the advice you need to make your next move as stress free as possible. Contact the team today.


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