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How to protect your furniture when moving house.

Naturally you want all your heavy and often valuable items to arrive damage free. By taking a few simple steps you can help to ensure this happens.

Whether you are moving yourself or hiring a removalist here are some tips.

Furniture preparation

  • Clean your furniture of dust and debris, you don't want to take it into your new home and it may cause scratches while being transported.

  • Remove any knobs, wheels or pulls from your furniture

  • Remove drawers to make your furniture lighter and to give you space to pack items in the draws

  • Dismantle any furniture that can be - use the owners manual to do so. Use sealable bags to hold and label the screws and other hardware for each item. Taking photos of each step can help you put the items back together.

  • Use mattress covers and couch covers if available - ask us for tips if you need to.

  • Wrap delicate timber with bubble wrap

  • Wrap mirrors and glass tops with bubble wrap and corrugated cardboard.

  • Label items where you can and have a placement plan for the new property.

If this seems too difficult to manage the team at John Bull have a complete packing and unpacking service for you. From the small items right through to the larger ones we can make you move as stress free as possible.

How nice would it be to arrive at your new home and see everything unpacked and where it belongs. We can also just do one room like your kitchen or the kids bedrooms so you have less work.

Services that we can provide:
  • Wipe cupboards, shelves and bench tops clean

  • Set up kitchen-glasses, crockery, cutlery, appliances and pantry

  • Make beds and organise bedrooms

  • Unpack, fold and hang clothes in wardrobes

  • Set up bathrooms, fold and colour coordinate linen and towels

  • Set up living areas, place special items on display

  • Arrange books, CD’s and DVD’s onto shelves

  • Set up and organise children's rooms

  • Unpack and organise home offices

  • Leave a beautiful bunch of flowers with our compliments


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