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Do I need a storage unit?

Is your home overflowing?

The wonderful thing about storage units is that they solve a lot of todays issues that people have with space.

There isn't always the need to get rid of your memorabilia when it can be stored safe and securely for short or long periods. By storing items you create the extra space needed in your home, it is a win win situation.

The main reasons for a storage unit

  • Home renovations

  • Moving home

  • Changes to your relationship status

  • A secure place for equipment or vehicles

  • You are travelling

  • Storing business inventory or archives

  • You have simply run out of space.

Home renovations - whether it is a whole house or part of a house, renovating can give you the need to put all your items somewhere. A storage unit is the perfect solution.

Moving home - there may be a delay in your moving schedule or you may need to renovate before you move in.

Relationships - if there has been a break up you made need a storage unit while you find somewhere to stay.

Equipment - do you have equipment that you don't need all the time?

Travelling - if you are travelling you need to keep your household items somewhere. By using a storage unit you can keep your items safe and secure while you travel.

Business inventory - Often businesses have a season need for different inventory, a storage unit is the perfect solution.

No space - Unless you have a roomy garage or a spare room there can be an overflow of items. Having a storage unit gives you a solution.

Are you struggling for enough space?

The team at John Bull Removals and Storage can provide you with a safe and secure storage solution for all your items. Contact the team today to discuss your needs. 9999 1000


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