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Declutter and downsize

Have you decided that you are ready to move to a home that suits you and your lifestyle better?

Perhaps all the kids have moved out and you are in a large home paying bills and cleaning when you don't really need to. Bigger is no longer better!

The large items

If you are moving from a 4 bedroom home to a 2 bedroom you will at a minimum have 2 bedrooms worth of furniture that has to go. This furniture can be donated or given to family but it is not possible to take it with you. Or you may decide to store it for family to have in the future.

Perhaps you can afford to get rid of everything (furniture) and start fresh in your new place. Lucky you. However you need to have a plan of giving these items away or donating so that you don't get stuck moving them.

The small items

If you have lived in your home for many years or have not taken the time to declutter, you may have MANY small items. You know, all those items that collect dust or are at the very back of the cupboards. Perhaps they are packed away in boxes from a previous move or stacked away in a spare room.

Now is the time to go through EVERYTHING and decide what you actually need to keep and take with you and what you can get rid of. If you haven't used/worn it in the last 12 months chances are you are not going to use/wear it again.

Remember that you are going to have less space so 'might be useful one-day' doesn't work as well when you have less space.

The downsize

  • Make a list of what you particularly want or need in your new property so it is easier to make the right decisions.

  • Choose a location that is handy to family and friends or a place you are going to love for many years to come.

  • Check your future costs like strata fees and any maintenance costs so you know that you can afford the new property.

  • Stairs or no stairs, you may not want stairs as you get older or you may need to move again.

  • Spare room or no spare room, will you want guests to be able to stay.

The move

Our team at John Bull have been moving people for MANY years. Our clients have upsized, downsized and moved all over the country and overseas. We have lots of tips and can help to make your next move far less stressful.

Ask about our packing and unpacking service too!

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