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5 Quick moving house tips

Will you be moving house in the future?

Take a note of these top tips and save our contact details for your next move.

With a skilled team of removalists and a few top tips your next move will be far less stressful than you could imagine.

1. Create a folder - Start collecting all the paperwork that relates to your move into one folder so everything is close at hand.

2. Only a few things to move - We have utes and vans available for people who only have a few things to move. You don't have to try to do it yourself, just because you only have a few items.

3. Moving boxes - Flatten your boxes after a move and store for the future. The stress of trying to find or buy new boxes will be cured.

4. Packing and Unpacking - We have a fantastic service to save you time and energy. Our packing and unpacking teams make light work of any sized home.

5. Heavy Items - By placing heavy items in small boxes it makes it easier to carry and there is less chance that you will have damaged boxes. Save the large boxes for the lighter items.


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