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Everything you need to know about moving boxes

It is important to remember that when you are moving you are packing all the items that matter to you. So with that said you are not going to put all those important items into a dirty old bent out of shape box are you!

moving boxes

The ideal scenario is a packing and un packing service so they do all the work for you. Your items are carefully packed and even unpacked at the other end. Did you know you can get them to just set up your kitchen and make your beds so you can sleep and eat while you unpack the rest of your house yourself?

Or if you are doing the packing here are some tips for you:

Keep similar items together - Packing by location can make it less overwhelming. Choose a small area of your home to make a start. Group your belongings by similar size and weight and take care of every item. Wrap even the smallest of items with care - you can use coloured paper so nothing accidentally gets tossed out.

Breakables are just that - If you don’t take the time to pack your breakables careful they will break. If your boxes are not packed well the items in them can break. Make sure to add plenty of protection around each plate, cup and bowl. Make sure to stack your plates on their side rather than flat with plenty of wrapping.

Boxes with dividers - These type of boxes are perfect for glassware. You can wrap them in bubble wrap and then the dividers keep them from moving or touching each other.

Dedicated moving boxes - by using dedicated moving boxes like we have in our box shop you will find that your items are protected in the best way. They are all high quality and the right size where as old used boxes are prone to collapsing.

Keep is easy - choose small boxes to pack heavy items like books so that you can’t overfill them and make them unable to be lifted. Make sure to pack each box to fill all the space without making to too heavy. When a box is not completely full it may collapse when it is stacked so pack out the empty space with excess packing materials if you have to.

Tape and label - Make sure each box is taped across both ways securely with strong packing tape. Use a marker or a secondary coloured tape to label each box to create a system by room and contents. Labels are going to be vital if you are storing items, you will know immediately what is in each box when it is labelled correctly.

Pack right - put the heavier items to the bottom off each box and stack them to same way so that the lighter boxes go to the top of the stack.

By choosing the right moving boxes which are available from our box shop and you use them correctly your belongings will be safe and secure. Make sure to pack and stack everything well and your most important items will arrive safe.

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