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Storage solutions while renovating

The time has come - you have decided that you are going to renovate some or all of your home. What on earth are you going to do with all your stuff?

Even if you are planning a kitchen renovation, all these items need to go somewhere and you may not have a spare room to stack them. Storage is the answer!

Storage Solutions while renovating

To ensure that your renovation, small or large, go smoothly you want the tradies to have a clear space. The last thing you need is for items to be in the way and to potentially get damaged in the process.

Options for storage

  • You may think that you need to pack up the car, van or ute and track them somewhere and unload them yourself again.

  • Move them yourself into another room of your house and live with the inconvenience

  • Or you may need to find some strong friends who can help or the whole idea may be too overwhelming and the renovation gets put on hold indefinitely.

Here is a better idea

  • Contact the team at John Bull Removals and Storage.

  • Decide if you would like to pack or have them pack for you.

  • A crate is bought to your home and packed safely with the items you wish to store - small and/or large.

  • The crate is stored at our state of the art secure warehouse in Mona Vale with back to base security.

  • You can have access to your items as/if you need by giving us 24 hours notice.

  • The items you need to store can be stored short term or long term

  • You can store an entire house or just one room

Remember that storage needs come in all shapes and sizes and the team at John Bull can look after your needs in a very affordable way. You keep all your items safe and your renovation can proceed in a timely manner.

If you are unsure of what you should do, call John Bull 9999 1000 for an obligation free discussion.

storage solutions while renovating

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