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How to prepare for life on the road

Have you been thinking about travelling for weeks, months or even years at a time? You may be a retiree or you may have the type of work that you can do from anywhere - laptop lifestyle!

If you are looking at long-term or even a permanent lifestyle of travel, there is some planning that you need to do first.

Laptop Lifestyle

Type of travel

House sitting - Many people go from house to house looking after other peoples homes and pets all the while never having to pay rent.

Caravan - Often a retiree chooses this method of travel to see Australia or the world as it can be the closest to home with many comforts.

Boat - Yes, sail around the world and experience a whole new sea-bound lifestyle.

Airbnb - A little like short term rental without the need for any belongings as you have all the comforts of home in any area of your choosing.

Van conversion - More and more people are converting a van and travelling from place to place living tiny.

Planning your trip

Take an inventory of your belongings - Unless you are able to leave your home and have family check on it and collect any mail, you may be looking into packing up your belongings. If you have spent a lifetime accumulating stuff this can be a tricky time. You are downsizing and this can be emotional too.

If you are going to be renting your home while you are away you need to decide what stays and what goes.

Will you be renting your property furnished or unfurnished? Do you need to store your furniture?

Whatever your plans take an inventory of what you are keeping and get rid of everything you don't need and will not need when you get back.

Storage Checklist


Putting all your items into a secure storage facility is the final stop. You want to ensure that you have your inventory list sorted into marked boxes and professionally packed for storage.

John Bull Removals and Storage offers short term and long term storage in its modern secure warehouse which is fitted with a back-to-base alarm.

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