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Moving tips for seniors & people with special needs.

Moving can be difficult at any time, and it can be even more difficult for seniors or people with special needs. There is going to be heavy emotions and intricacies that need to be managed.

  • Start with a timeline

  • Set a budget

  • Research removalists

  • Ask friends and family to help

  • Start packing as soon as possible

  • Does medical equipment have to be moved - what will be required

  • Ensure you forward mail and set up utilities

Utilise a checklist - Ask us for one of our checklists

Downsize with care - Marie Kondo has been so successful as there is a mental preparation involved. This can be very beneficial for people of any age and with any need.

Nursing Homes and Assisted Living

  • This transition can be made easier by:

  • Helping with the packing and moving

  • Staying positive and providing a good support

  • Ensuring you go and visit

  • Ensuring that you call often

Packing & Unpacking tips

If you can utilise a packing and unpacking service this will take a lot of the stress away. If not:

  • Get the correct packing boxes for your needs

  • Consider using storage solutions for the items that are not needed immediately

  • Hire movers to help with the load

  • Pack and overnight bag with medications and toiletries, plus a change of clothes

  • Ensure that any essentials like disability aids are part of the overnight bag or unpacked first from the moving truck.

  • Make time to unpack or utilise a service to do so

  • Be patient and spend time helping your loved one become comfortable in their new space.

Moving seniors

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