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Declutter your clothes

Whether it is the seasons changing or your are moving house, decluttering your clothes can be life changing!

Declutter to move house

Make time

Set time aside to complete this process. Just as you would any other appointment, set aside a few hours so that you avoid procrastination.

Does it spark joy

Just as we wrote in our recent decluttering blog you need to ensure that you are only keeping the items that you are actually going to wear. If you haven't worn it over the last 12 months there is very little chance that you are going to wear it again.

Start at the back of your wardrobe and remove any items that are pushed far back

Remove hangers and clothes with dust on them

If it still has a tag - return it or donate it

Be ruthless only keep the items you genuinely love to wear

Like with like

It may sound simple but by organising your items correctly it is much easier to see and find what you have. Put all your jeans together, shirts together, t-shirts by colour, jumpers etc. You may again be able to get rid of more items when you see that you have 10 white t-shirts and only need 2.


Take everything as soon as possible to your local charity. It can be a difficult task but you will love your life when it is organised.

Ready to Move

Rather than moving all the useless items and dust to a new home you are only moving the items you actually need. Your new home is a new start and you have the items that you actually need and love.

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