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Packing and Unpacking Service

Have you thought that for your next move you would like a fairy to come in and do all the packing and unpacking for you?

Well – kick back and relax because John Bull Removals and Storage is your packing and unpacking service. All designed to make your moving experience stress free and a lot easier on the whole family.

Why use this service

  • Save time and reduce stress

  • Reduce effort

  • Reduce time

  • Leave you to focus on other things like work and family

  • Help for as long as you need

  • All boxes are labelled

  • The packers don’t get tired

  • You are charged at an hourly rate

  • Your sanity stays intact

Our teams are professional packers who will prepare and pack your home as you need. Being professionals they work very fast and are extremely efficient in completing their work.

Naturally, we will provide you with what you need. So it may be just one to help with the breakables or 4 or 5 for a large house.

What would take you several weeks our packers will do in one day!


  • Relax in your new home sooner

  • We can just help you

  • We can unpack everything

  • All cupboard, shelves and bench tops are wiped

  • Glasses, appliances and pantry set up

  • Beds are made and organised

  • Cloths are hung or folded

  • Bathrooms have towels

  • Living areas are ready to live in

  • Children’s rooms set up

  • Home office unpacked and organised

  • Special bouquet of flowers with out compliments

How can you not use this service and our customers tell us they cannot believe they haven’t used it before but will definitely use it again.

Speak to the team about your next move 9999 1000

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