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46 Items to Recycle Before you Move

So moving day is approaching and you have MANY years of "STUFF" to sort through - where do you start! Ideally, you can go room by room, don't try to tackle everything at once and don't forget the outside too. Recycle, donate, sell, upcycle and any other way you can redistribute your unwanted items before you simply drop to the landfill tip.

Bellow is a comprehensive list of items to sell, give away or donate before you start packing, ready to move. If you have the opportunity to have a garage sale this is another way of getting rid of any larger items and getting some cash back. With items like towels and blankets, there are always animal shelters that will be looking for these items.

Clothing will always be accepted by charity's and if you have furniture in good condition they will often come and collect it from you too.

Inside and Outside
  1. Kitchen appliances you haven't used in the last couple of years

  2. Chipped and mismatched dishes

  3. Mismatched knives

  4. Kitchen utensils that you never use or don't know what they are anymore

  5. Old Cookbooks

  6. Broken appliances

  7. The plastic containers that have no lids and the lids without containers

  8. Out of date spices, teas and pantry items

  9. Scraps of wood or timber

  10. Old Paint tins

  11. Old tools

  12. Miscellaneous building or renovating items left over

  13. Gardening supplies

  14. Old Garden Hoses

  15. Excess or damaged furniture items

  16. That draw in your house with everything in it

  17. Garden party decorations

  18. Expired cosmetics

  19. Old samples you planned to use but never did

  20. Old or expired medicine

  21. Shower curtains

  22. Old hair dryers or curlers you no longer use

  23. Any old artwork you no longer love

  24. Those old crusty towels

  25. The fitted sheets that have no elastic

  26. The bed covers that are right at the back of the cupboard not getting used

  27. Extra blankets

  28. Old sewing supplies that just take up space

  29. Bills older than 12 months - unless you have a business then it is 5 years

  30. Old gift wrapping and cards

  31. Craft items that will never be finished

  32. Office supplies that you forgot you had

  33. Books you have read or will never read

  34. Old media that you now have as digital

  35. Office furniture you no longer need

  36. Clothes - an obvious one but anything you haven't worn in the most recent season

  37. Clothing Accessories

  38. Shoes that you no longer love or wear

  39. The mystery items under you bed

  40. Old toys and games that the kids have grown out of

  41. Kids clothes and shoes they have grown out of

  42. Rugs that you won't reuse

  43. Extra suitcases or travel bags you don't use or need

  44. Old school artwork or books that are not needed

  45. Mattresses that may have been kept

  46. Camping gear that never gets used

No doubt there are more we could list and hopefully, this list makes your task a little more efficient too. Don't forget to book John Bull Removals for your next move and if you still have extra items we have a storage facility for you.

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