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Why Do People Use Storage

Have you ever wondered - Why do people use storage? Really!

By far the largest percentage of people who use storage are people who are moving. This is followed by people decluttering their homes, renovating and storing a loved one's belongings.

  • Downsizing - If you are moving to a smaller property you may want to store some of your special belongings to be able to make decisions at a later stage once you are settled into your new space.

  • Staging for Sale - Putting away the items that may not be ideal for showing your home including all those items that make your home personal to you. Storage is the perfect option here. Many real estate agents will suggest that you set your home a certain way for sale and you may find that some or all your items are removed and professional stagers come into style your home.

  • Moving in together - When to people or two families move in together, chances are you both have a lot of stuff. Storage can help you consolidate and work out what you want to store, use or sell.

  • Your settlement date changes - Sometimes a settlement date may be extended and you find yourself and your household items with nowhere to be.

  • A job with travel - If you find yourself travelling consistently for work or moving overseas, you may want to store your items for the time being.


Long before Marie Kondo and the Komari Method was a thing we have all needed to declutter our lives. Decluttering is not always about getting rid of these belongings it can be just putting them into storage for the time being. Even if it is getting the tinny of the driveway to make more space!


Are you planning a renovation? It doesn't have to be a big renovation to need storage. You may be just renovating your kitchen and need to store everything while this happens. Or you may be tearing down half of your house and need somewhere to put all your items so you can live freely in the remaining part of the home.


When you are dealing with the loss of a family member it can be a very overwhelming time. There is a lot to do and going through belongings is not always a priority. By waiting a period of time until you feel more comfortable helps with your emotions at this time. Particularly if you have to work with other family members during the process, it can be easier to wait several weeks or months.


Regardless of your storage needs - Contact John Bull Removals and Storage to see how we can help you with your storage needs.

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