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10 Benefits of Self Storage

Self-storage has lot’s of benefits, here a just a few for you.

1 - Storage for your business. Do you have business equipment, materials, office supplies, excess inventory or similar that is taking up space? All these items and more can be placed into storage until you need them. The benefits are that your office/factory or home is free of all these items and you can still access them at any time.

2 - Transitions. A divorce is one of those transitions where you may need to store your belongings until you are settled in a new place. By putting your items in storage they are safe and secure until you are ready to unpack them again.

3 - Retirement. When you have finished working you may be going to travel and rent out your home. You may be going to travel and rent out part of your home or even just store a few boxes. The solution is secure storage.

4 - Travelling for work. Many families have to travel both interstate and internationally for work. When this happens you may need to leave many items in storage as you will be returning or perhaps you wish to send them at a later time.

5 - Seasonal. Why not store all those winter items you don’t need in summer or the summer items you don’t need in winter. Get rid of the clutter in your home with self-storage.

6 - Declutter. By removing all the belongings that you only use occasionally you can make your home far more spacious. Also when you re selling your home there is the need to move out all those personal items and knick-knacks that make your home yours.

7 - Sports. Do you have bulky sports equipment that you don’t use all year round? Self-storage is the perfect solution.

8 - Hobbies. Is your hobby overtaking the house? Using self-storage can keep all your family members happy.

9 - Downsizing. Have you decided to move to a smaller space? You don’t have to get rid of everything immediately. Perhaps you will again have a larger space so there are specific items you wish to keep. Perhaps you want to pass these items to family members or sell them in the future. Self-storage solves these problems.

10 - Moving house. When you move not all the timelines match up and there may be a need to store your items for a period of time.

Whatever the reason John Bull Removals and Storage at Mona Vale have the storage solution for you and at extremely affordable rates too.

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