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Northern Beaches Self Storage

At John Bull, we are pleased to offer you a self-storage option! Located on Sydney's Northern Beaches and situated in our secure warehouse with a back to base alarm system.

Yes, that's right you can access your storage on site with us at Mona Vale.

Just give us a call the day before and we can have your storage pod ready for you to access at a time that suits.

Storage pods - As you may know we use a storage pod system this has several benefits.
  • Plywood modules keep your valuable possessions clean, dry and protected.

  • We bring the modules to your home in our specially designed truck. Your possessions are professionally wrapped and packed directly into the modules. When we return to our warehouse, instead of having to handle all your furniture again, we simply use a forklift to lift the modules off the truck and put them away inside our secured warehouse.

  • The modular system eliminates unnecessary double-handling, and when you reduce the handling, you reduce the risk of damage associated with carrying furniture.

Modules are made out of plywood, and for a very good reason – because plywood breathes. The modules are not designed to get wet, so they are never left out in the weather, they are always kept in a secured warehouse. This means modules maintain a very constant temperature whilst in store, which prevents deterioration that can occur from damp, mildew and rust.

John Bull storage modules are slightly elevated from floor level, ensuring a steady airflow under and around the storage module. Therefore on a 40-degree day outside the plywood, the module will be comfortably cool inside our warehouse, and on a freezing winter night, the plywood keeps things comfortably warm inside.

Long-term or Short-term

From just $22.99 per week, we can store everything you need within a 5 cubic meter space or for just $29.99 per week for 9 cubic meters.

Not sure what size you need - just ask our helpful team.

Our storage is not just for household items - you may have business items that need to be stored securely and locally. As mentioned above you can have access to these items with just one day's notice.

Contact John Bull Removals and Storage today for Northern Beaches Self-storage.

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