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Long-Term Storage Mona Vale

Many of the wonderful family on the Northern Beaches move on a regular basis. This move may be long-term (a few years) before returning or it may be short-term (a few months). In 2017 we upgraded our storage facility in Mona Vale to accommodate all these needs.

At John Bull, we have 60 years of experience to tell us what your long-term storage needs to look like and our long-term storage at Mona Vale is just that!

We come to you with our storage crate! Packing your belongings safe and securely for the long-term storage requirements you have. No heavy lifting or worrying if your goods will be safe while you are in another country. We have been doing this for 60 years!

The modular crates are brought to your house in our trucks, your items are wrapped and packed professionally and the crates are closed. Our storage crates remain closed and once the truck is back to your storage facility they are moved by forklift into position. At no time do we ever again touch your belongings, they remain safe and secure in the crate for the long-term.

Long-term Storage Mona Vale
  • Affordable

  • Safe & Secure

  • Back to Base Alarmed and Insured

  • Free from weather

  • Protected from moisture, mildew, dust and dirt

  • We come to you - stress-free

  • Your items are wrapped, packed at your home in our modular crates

  • We can arrange to have your long-term storage sent to you, anywhere

  • You only pay for the volume you need

  • Unlike self-storage, we look after your items

  • It is not just for household items, we can store your office or workshop

Contact John Bull Mona Vale today for an obligation free quote on your long-term or short-term storage requirements. We are the local professionals that you can count on to look after your belongings, safely, securely and ultimately stress-free for you and your family.

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