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How to Relocate your Office

Moving office can be a daunting and stressful experience for even the most experienced of movers. It is important that you choose a reputable company, both to look after your furniture but also look after any of your private documents, intellectual property, materials and more. John Bull Removals Sydney have the experience you need to get the job done right the first time.

Ideally, you want the move to take place as quickly as possible so that you can avoid too much downtime in your business. It can be far more costly for a small business to move than a large company with the costs associated and the loss of productivity for a smaller business. This is why planning is so important and choosing a company to help you move and get you business up and running again.

Preparation is key, the more organised you are, the smoother and faster the relocation will be for your office or warehouse.

Office moving Tips
  1. New office - You've secured a new workspace and signed the contract, now is the time to start planning how your business will operate from the new space. Make plans for your staff needs and practical use of the space you are moving to. Where will the IT hub be, office printer, storage, filing, and more? Remember that if you have staff it is a good idea to run things past them to ensure you are meeting their needs too.

  2. Rubbish - What can you do without, what do you need to replace, what do you need that is now. Perhaps certain things won't be moved, instead, they will be replaced with new. Can have the new items delivered straight to the new address to save on moving them? Ensure that any electronic equipment is recycled via your local council and any old furniture is donated, sold or removed from the office.

  3. Clients - Give your clients plenty of notice if they are going to be impacted by your business moving location. Let them know the new address and any downtime when you are out of contact. If you can move office at a time that least impacts your business and your clients/suppliers then this is the obvious best choice. Ensure you contact your suppliers, post office for mail redirection and update all contact information everywhere your business is listed.

  4. Boxing - Just like moving your house, the better you pack and label everything, the easier it will be to find and unpack once you arrive at your new space. John Bull Removals and storage can supply you with all the boxes and packing supplies that you need and we can help you store anything that won't be going to the new office.

Moving office doesn't have to be an arduous task - given the right amount of planning and the right choice of removalists it can be smooth and efficient.

Speak to the team at John Bull Removals & Storage to see how we can make your next office relocation as smooth as possible.

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