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36 DIY Moving Tips

There are not too many people who say they love moving, here are some tips to help you along the way.

  1. Start Early – It is not usually a surprise that you are moving next week, so make a start as soon as you know.

  2. Plan and take any furniture to charities ASAP to create space and so you know how much furniture you will have for removalists.

  3. Get a quote from an AFRA member like

  4. List and sell any unwanted items in Ebay or Gumtree ASAP

  5. Plan to redirect your mail early so you don’t forget.

  6. Plan to have the kids and the pets looked after on the day of the move if possible.

  7. Arrange cleaners, carpet cleaners etc. or time to do it yourself once the home is empty.

  8. Plan to move your insurance from the old house to the new and make any changes to the policy if required.

  9. Make a list of energy, water, phone, Internet suppliers that need to be contacted and transferred.

  10. Don’t forget your vehicle registration as you won’t have a sticker on your vehicle and you may not be notified when it is due. Change the address or notifications to be directed to your email.

  11. Notify your vehicle insurance of a change of garage location as this may also affect your policy.

  12. Create an overnight bag – change of clothes, soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, Pj’s, take away menu’s and whatever you will need for the first night. Just in case you can’t get to these things on the first night.

  13. Do a clear box with things like scissors, toilet paper, phone chargers, plates, cutlery etc. The clear box will allow you to find it easily.

  14. Powdered makeup – add a cotton pad to the compact to help prevent breakages.

  15. You can wrap breakables in clothing to save on bubble wrap or paper.

  16. Plates are better packed vertical to avoid breakage.

  17. Clean socks work as great box fillers in your breakables to stop things moving.

  18. Label your boxes with both the items and the room they are going to – not just the top of the box, when you stack them you need the label on the side.

  19. You can label with coloured tape to make it very easy for the movers to know what room to put things.

  20. Use tape with fragile so everyone knows which ones to be extra careful with.

  21. Numbering all the boxes can help to ensure none of the boxes go astray with the move.

  22. Remember that you can use suitcases, storage boxes, and laundry baskets in place of boxes.

  23. Use vacuum seal bags for any out of season blankets or clothing.

  24. Tough garbage bags can be used to pack hanging clothes. Tie the hangers together with a string and the clothes go in the bag.

  25. Any gels, shampoos or liquids – remove the lid, cover with plastic wrap and put the lid back on. This prevents any spillage during the move.

  26. Always pack heavy items to the bottom and lighter to the top.

  27. Any heavy items like books are better in smaller boxes so that they are not too heavy.

  28. Put light things like pillows in larger boxes to fill any space gaps.

  29. A chest of draws can often have the contents left inside, just cover with plastic wrap to keep the items in place.

  30. Any furniture that can be pulled apart will be easier to move.

  31. Put any screws, nut and bolts in labelled sandwich bags.

  32. Tap the bags to the items if practical.

  33. Put any electrical cords in labelled bags so you know where they belong.

  34. Take photos of set up electronics if you are unlikely to remember how to plug them back in.

  35. Make sure everything is completely packed before the removalists arrive.

  36. Consider using a packing and unpacking service if all of this seems too much.

Do you have any to add?

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