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Moving to the White House

You may not be moving to the white house like Donald Trump but moving house can still present challenges. For someone like Donald Trump, is The White House going to be larger than his current home or is the living space going to be smaller! It may not be as homely, there may be more people around, he may not like the décor, to name a few challenges.

What about your family? Are you planning a move to a different home? Perhaps you are upsizing your home or perhaps you are downsizing? What challenges do you foresee?

Are you moving to a larger home?

If you are purchasing a home that is larger that your current home there are things to consider.

  • Do you have enough furniture?

  • How much more will new furniture cost?

  • Who will be cleaning the new home?

  • What about the lawn and garden?

  • Maintenance on a larger home costs more?

  • Is our furniture suitable for the new house?

  • Have you thought about the costs of owning a larger home?

  • How long are we going to be in this larger home?

Are you moving to a smaller home?

Perhaps you already have a large home and now the kids have moved out and you are ready to downsize? Or maybe you have been researching the tiny house movement and want to be a part of downscaling your life.

  • What are you going to do with all the extra furniture?

  • How much furniture should we bring?

  • Is our existing furniture suitable for the new house?

  • What will we do with all the stuff in the shed?

  • How much does storage cost while we decide?

  • How do we decide?

  • We will be making lots of savings on things like power and rates, how will we spend the extra money?

John Bull can help you will either scenario, we can help you pack and unpack. Provide storage solutions while you figure out what to do with everything.

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