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Moving Interstate - Australian Removalists

Are you thinking about moving interstate?

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, an estimated 339,000 people moved interstate in 2014-15. ABS. With an over gain in the follow two states by 10,190 moving to Victoria and 6,417 moving to Queensland.This is quite interesting given that the 1980’s and in particular 1990’s Queensland receive the vast majority of interstate migrators.

Moving Interstate tips
  • Get your moving quotes early

  • Ask about insurance

  • Start arranging the services you need to have cut off or transferred – Electricity, Water, and Phone etc.

  • Make sure all your bills are up to date

  • Start packing anything you don’t regularly use

  • Label any/all the boxes you are packing

  • Write a list of essentials you will take that won’t travel with the removalists

  • Keep your important documents like passports safe and secure

  • Have a garage sale

  • Redirect your mail

  • If you are driving interstate, have your car serviced

  • Check your new property for readiness and connection of services

  • Arrange final cleaning

  • Have a checklist of items you have and the removalists have


The Australian Furniture Removalists Association provides us with the standards of service and code of

conduct and we are proud members. Make sure you only choose an AFRA member for your next move.

According to The Australian Furniture Removalists Association here is a list of items that are ineligible for removal.

If you are moving your pets with a transportation company here are the AFRA recommended guidelines.

Moving Interstate - Australian Removalists

If you are considering a move interstate either Sydney to Brisbane or Sydney to Melbourne, John Bull Removals has everything covered.

It can be a worrying time so John Bull aims to make things as easy as possible and are there to help you every step of the way.

The more accurate your list the more accurate our quote, so ask us for an inventory checklist first. Once you have filled out your inventory of what you are moving we can provide a quote for your interstate move.

Please read our Interstate Removals page for more information.


Make sure you also consider the insurance options available for your interstate move; John Bull can arrange this for you.

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