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11 moving house hacks

Here are 11 quick hacks for your next move. Of course the number one hack is to call the team at John Bull Removals and Storage.

We hope that they help to make your next move a little less stressful.

Organise your boxes

Both by room and by weight. Make sure you mark your boxes by room so that it is easier to organise upon arrival. Heavy boxes should be stacked first onto the truck.

Tip: Label your boxes on the sides so you can see what's there when they are stacked.


By moving day you should have already:

  • forwarded your mail to the new address

  • updated your insurance

  • arranged for your utilities to be connected

  • and so much more

Donate, recycle and toss

The last thing you want to do is move items that you could have donated or disposed of. Clothes, furniture and move should be sorted long before moving day so that you are not wasting time moving things that you don't want or need.


Take photos of the way your cords are arranged at the TV or computer. Photograph what you put in boxes so you know what is in each one if that will help you too.

Now that we are all carrying around a camera on our phones it makes it easy to take lots of photos and just delete them later.

Use technology

Just like your phone is perfect for photos, use it for everything else too. Have the Australia post app, energy Australia app, real estate apps and any other apps that will make your move more convenient.

The big items

When you are dismantling furniture make sure to take photos of how it goes together and keep any screws or bolts in a ziplock bag tapped to the item or labelled clearly.

Timber flooring

One of the best items you can utilise to not damage flooring is Ram Board. You can grab it at Bunnings and you roll it across all timber flooring. It surprisingly does not look like it will do anything but it is used by many builders for this exact reason.

Clothing hangers

To save time and effort you can leave your clothing on hangers and either use a hanger box or wrap with a garbage bag.

Space is a premium

You can use your towels and linen to wrap breakables and box them. Toilet rolls are great for keeping cords under control and labelling.

Don't create a mess

Tape up anything that could leak like bathroom and kitchen products. Run tape in an x across the middle of mirrors to avoid breakage.

Grab the essentials

Any precious items like jewellery should be with you at all times. Create a small suitcase with essential items like a change of clothes, toiletry and towels, phone charger, medication and important documents. Keeping this with you means that if there are any delays you have the essentials to get by.

As mentioned above John Bull are here to help you every step of the way with your move. Download our free moving planner checklist to stay on top of everything.


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