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10 steps to start decluttering

Getting rid of clutter in your home can be very overwhelming.

Whether you are moving house or just trying to get organised it can seem like a massive task.

Here are a few beginner projects to get you started on the journey of decluttering and motivated to take on larger tasks.

Get started with

1 - Cookbooks and recipes

How often do you go through your shelves of cook books and recipes? If you only ever reference one or two it is time for the rest to find a new home. More and more we all just look to Google or Pinterest for our recipes so most books are unnecessary.

2 - Single socks

Do you have a draw, basket or stash in the laundry of single socks? Does this pile include ones with holes, discoloured and more. It is time for the single socks to move on to dust rags, car pish rags and more.

3 - Old nail polish

Do you have a box, shelf or drawer full of nail polish that is clumpy, old, or you simply don’t like anymore. These are super easy to go through and get rid of. Once they are separated or clumpy they will never be the same again so there is no need to keep.

4 - Candles

How many candles do you ave that are never going to be used? Or are you keeping half used candles just in case, perhaps it is time for them to go.

5 - Receipts

Are you an avid receipt collector? As you sort through them for tax or to keep for warranties, take photos of the ones that you actually need. A photo takes up a lot less space than actually receipts and Don’t fade over time.

6 - Wrapping paper and gift bags

Time to recycle the unused gift bags and wrapping paper. Only keep the ones that you will definitely use in the future.

7 - Office supplies

Is you desk exploding with pens? Do you have more staples than one person could ever use? Sort through what is working and that you can donate to a local school and toss everything that is not working. This includes any markers that you also may have lying around.

8 - Pantry items

Have a look at the spice rake and check all the used by dates - have years passed since they expired? Any other jars and bottles that you may have forgotten up the back may also be expired and need to be thrown away.

9 - Empty boxed

While larger boxes can be great of you are planning a move you need to recycle everything else. There is little need for anyone to keep boxes just in case. Remember that piles of boxes are a great place for creepy crawlies to make a home and no one wants that.

10 - Instruction manuals

Nearly all instruction manuals can be found on the manufacturer websites. There is therefore no need to keep the piles of manuals you have that you never refer to anyway or that you may not even have the corresponding items anymore.

If you are moving house make sure to get in touch with the team at John Bull Removals and Storage for all your moving and storage needs.


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