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Tree change sea change logistics

Are you one the MANY Sydney siders who have decided to leave the city behind?

The last couple of years has shown us that with more flexible working conditions many of us can now chose to live elsewhere. Many are choosing to be within driving distance for weekly office meetings while others are choosing to be even further away. Some are even choosing a life on the road #vanlife.

In our previous blog about a regional move, it discussed the numbers choosing to move and the potential savings by moving. Beyond the savings there is even more to be gained such as lifestyle and often more space available to be a part of nature.

Tree or sea change

The destination you choose may also dictate the logistics of your move. If you are considering an interstate move or a move that is more than a few hours away there are always a few more steps to consider. Speak to our team about organising your move.

Consider the following:

  • Will you need someone to pack or unpack for you

  • Are you taking your furniture with you or buying new

  • Will you need to store items until you find a place

  • How much of the move will you do and how much will you outsource

  • Don't forget to also manage your own and your families expectations, it may take a little time to settle in.

Moving is stressful

Moving house is stressful enough but when you add in moving to a whole new area there are new stressors that are added.

  • Some of your family members may not be so pleased with the move

  • You may need more help than you realise

  • You may feel homesick for the pace of the city or the friends and family you leave behind

All these items add to your stress and may take a little getting used to. While statistics show 1 in 5 who move will end up moving back that still leaves 4 who are very happy in their new area.

Choosing a removals company

Make sure you choose a removals company who can look after you, you want a company with the experience of moving people beyond the local area.

The team at John Bull Removals can offer you all this and more for your next move. Whether you are moving locally or interstate we have the experience you need to feel looked after and helped every step of the way.


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