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Take the stress out of moving interstate

It has become abundantly clear that we don't all need to commute into the office 5 days each week to get our jobs done. With this known fact more and more people are choosing to move away from the major cities.

Are you thinking about moving away from the city?

Professional Packers

The use of professional packers is very common and is ultimately used to save time when moving interstate. They can also be used to unpack at the destination as much or as little as you need.

Using professional packers ensures that your boxes are not overpacked or underpacked. The boxes will not be too heavy and boxes will all be labelled. Breakages also tend to be avoided as experienced packers know how to keep your items safe.

Have a clean out

The less you have the move the cheaper it will be. Make sure you declutter and downsize all your items prior to getting the movers in.


If you have large furniture that you are not going to move or you are saving for someone else why not pop it in storage. It can be surprisingly affordable to store your items and we can look after both short and long term storage.

Remember to organise

Mail - Ensure that you organise the redirection of your mail

Schools - If you have kids make sure to plan the transfer well in advance

Voting - You need to update your voting location

Pets - Change the microchip location and ensure you have interim care if required.

Power - Arrange to transfer your electricity provider

Internet - Make sure you know how long the new connection will take, this may need to be arrange early to avoid time without internet.

Medicare and Insurance - Provide your new location to these organisations

Vehicles - If you are moving to a new state you registration will need to be moved and your insurance may also change.

Home insurance - Make sure to cancel the old insurance and get insurance on your new property.

If you need help with your move local or interstate, the team at John Bull are here to help. Contact us today for an obligation free quote.


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