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Is a regional move right for you

Living in the city is expensive!

Work-from-home policies are in place and potentially are going to be in place permanently for a lot of employees.

However the idea of moving for a tree change is nothing new. There has always been a number of people who have chosen to tree change or sea change.

At John Bull Removals we regularly move people to many different areas right across Australia. Get in touch for a quote to move.

Are you dreaming of making a big move?

Typically regional areas are more affordable that capital cities and this alone makes the regional move appealing.

However with recent events of 2020/21 being away from a major city has been even more appealing. Plus if you can keep your city job and live regionally there is little worry about finding work locally in the regions.

Moving from bigs cities is not unique

Between 2011 and 2016 more than 1.2million people moved to regional Australia or moved around regional Australia. RAI Research.

Over this time Sydney and Melbourne lost more residents to regional areas than they gained. In this time Sydney saw a net loss of 64,756 people to regional Australia

Melbourne saw a net loss of 21,609 to regional Australia

Adelaide saw a net loss of around 1000

However Brisbane reported a 15,507 net gain, potentially sea changers

Regional is more affordable

On average prices are nearly 40% cheaper and it takes almost half the time to save a deposit to buy a home. While it is more affordable you need to consider potential issues:

  • Access to hospitals

  • Schools

  • Internet

  • Family

  • Future work options and more

So if you are ready to give up the city and be a part of a regional lifestyle contact the team at John Bull Removals to book your move. We can also help you with your storage needs if you are planning to travel around Australia while you work.


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