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How to clean out a storage unit

Perhaps it is your own storage unit or perhaps you have inherited the task of cleaning out someone else's storage unit. Either way, here are some tip to help you with the fear and dread that you may be experiencing.

The first step

Do you know what is being stored?

Yes - Create your plan of attack

No - Gain access to the storage unit and have a look. Note down what you can see and if you can move things around to create a list of what you have. This will help you to create your plan of attack and you will have a better understanding of what you have.

Plan of attack

Start with - Keep, Sell, Recycle or Trash

Keep - This is fairly self explanatory. These are the items that you are keeping and potentially continuing to store or move from your storage unit. If you have inherited the storage unit you may have items going to other family members.

Sell - Again, easy to understand. These are the items of value that you are able to sell and that people may wish to buy. Collectables, antique furniture or it may be large like are car or a boat.

Facebook marketplace, Gumtree and eBay are all great places to sell items. You may even decide to have a garage sale to sell what you have.

Recycle - Hopefully there are items that you can donate or recycle or give away so that you minimise anything that needs to go to landfill (trash). If you have furniture that you don't need you may be able to contact a charity to collect the furniture directly from you.

Trash - Naturally these are the items are that not fit for any purpose. It may be the first or the last step. If there is a lot of items to trash you may hire a rubbish removal company to make it easier for you.

The end result

If you are going to maintain a storage unit, take an inventory of what you will be storing.

Make sure you label any boxes and keep the list somewhere safe. Share the list or location of the list with other family members so they are familiar too. This last step makes it easier for everyone.

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