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Expert tips for moving house 2020

Yes 2020 is going down in the history books as one epic year.

A major stressor that you may be adding or have added already is moving house. Here are some tips to help you with your moving journey.

Start from day 1

As soon as you have decided that you will be moving - get started. Book your removalist of choice and make sure they offer insurance and are members of the Australian Furniture Removalists Association.

Organise a delivery of all the boxes, tape, markers and packing materials you need to get started. Pack those items you know you won't need before the move.

Create a list of your belongings. This will make it easier to work out what you don't need and can potentially donate before you move.

Work through a list of notifications for the electoral office, drivers license, car rego, mail redirection, school and medical records.

Dismantle any furniture you can, put the nuts and bolts into zip bags and label everything.


Don't waste the opportunity of decluttering when you are moving. It is the perfect time as you are about to put your hands of everything you own. Use the categories of KEEP, DONATE, BIN.

Box shop

Make sure you use the best boxes for your move to keep everything safe and secure. John Bull can help you with everything you will need. Box Shop

When you are packing make sure you put the light items in the bog boxes and the heavy items in the small boxes. Mark the fragile boxes with FRAGILE. Label your boxes by room so it is easier to unload with the labels on the sides so you can read them when they are stacked.


If you don't want to pack or unpack or both, professional packers can help.

Survival Boxes

Pack survival boxes/bags for each family member and for the kitchen. Tea and coffee for the kitchen, medication, changes of clothes and more can be in easy reach. Don't forget the essentials for your pets too.

If you need help with your next move the team at John Bull is here to help.

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