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Difficult move? No problem!

Did you know we complete moves to and from some of the most unique areas that Sydney and the Northern Beaches has to offer?

Scotland Island

Great Mackerel Beach

Coasters Retreat

Elvina Bay

Lovett Bay

Here are some of our recent moves we shared to Instagram

Great Mackerel Beach

Another interesting job for the John Bull team!⁣

The team went to Great Mackerel Beach 🏖 3 of our members arrived early via water taxi and began moving the furniture onto tarps and pads on the beach.⁣

Our 4th team member was taking care of the truck during its 1.5 hour journey through Pittwater on the barge! ⁣With rocks and sandbanks scattering the shore, the barge could only just reach the beach and the boys had to get their toes wet when loading the goods!⁣

A great day by our team and many thanks to all that were involved!⁣

Coasters Retreat

We hopped on a barge and delivered some items to Coasters Retreat. The barge navigated its way through the rocks and docked on the beach at Coasters Retreat. From there, we unloaded onto the sand and made our way up the 150m bush track and 50 stairs into the property. ⁣

A neighbour had designed a nifty machine to help transport goods and it worked a treat, significantly reducing the amount of trips up to the property.⁣

Scotland Island

Once every few weeks the boys tackle a Scotland Island job! ⁣

These jobs often consist of long hours and 100s of stairs for the team.⁣⁣

The day begins early in the morning where the team drives the trucks onto the barge at Bayview marina. Once the trucks are secure and the crew is on board, the barge begins its journey across Pittwater and onto Scotland Island. Parking the barge at the nearest pier to the house, the boys begin the job.⁣

Jobs from Scotland Island are generally split into 2 days due to the time spent on the water and unpredictability of access to the property. ⁣

Do you have a difficult move in or out of a property?

The team at John Bull have years of experience in all types of move to all types of locations. Contact us today to make your next move as stress free as possible.


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