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How to cope with an empty nest

How to cope with an empty nest

Have you found yourself with an empty nest? Here are a few tips to deal with this new phase for your home and for your heart.

It can be such a difficult time to watch your children venture off into their own lives. Make sure to look after yourself, if you are really struggling take the time to speak to your doctor.

Or you may be very happy about this stage - either way there are things to do.

For them:

  • Ask your children if they would like you to help/assist with the decorating of their new place

  • Make plans to celebrate their transition

  • Set up a care package of their favourite things or food

  • Remind them about Sunday dinners

For you:

  • Sign up to that new class

  • Take up a new hobby

  • Book a holiday

  • Sign up to do volunteer work

  • Look forward to planning Sunday dinners

Cleaning up

Don't rush to clear out belongings, this can be really difficult. If you can't leave things for now, putting everything into a storage unit can help. You can then go through everything at a latter stage or with your children in the future. Remember not everything may go as planned and your children may need to move back.

Once you do have a new space you may wish to transform the room into a craft or exercise room. Perhaps it is your new walk in robe - regardless it is a new transition.

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